Current positions: Director, IQ Mindware Partnership. .
Previous Lecturer / Assist. Professor positions: Cambridge University, UK and Bilkent University, Turkey.

Research interests: Cognitive interventions, IQ & executive functioning, decision-making, evolution of human cognition, emotion and motivation, resilience and performance.

Email: m.ashton.smith@gmail.com.
Tel: +44 (0)7527 655955

Further information

I am interested – both experimentally and theoretically – in the following areas: origins of human cognition (with associated developmental and comparative psychology methodologies), problem solving & executive functioning, conscious vs unconscious processes, embodied cognition, normativity, game theory, cooperation and competition, and the philosophy of mind. I am also interested in cognitive interventions for improving cognitive function, particularly relating to fluid intelligence and working memory, and building resilience for performance.

Bilkent University Brain and Behavior Class, 2009

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