Teaching Evaluations

My teaching evaluations are consistently excellent, and above the faculty and department averages.
For a pdf of a representative teaching evaluation click on the icon below.

Courses Taught

  1. Introduction to Psychology – Year 1
  2. Evolutionary Psychology – Year 2
  3. Cognitive Psychology – Year 2
  4. Biological Basis of Cognition – Year 2
  5. Statistics and Research design – Year 2
  6. Research Methods in Psychology – Year 3
  7. Current Issues and Directions in Psychology – Year 4
  8. Critical thinking – Year 4
  9. Emotion and Motivation- Year 4
  10. Current issues in Social Psychology – MSc
  11. Advanced Statistics – MSc

I have contributed lectures to philosophy of mind courses, and am competent to teach a course in this area.

Statistics and Research Design

I have independently developed and taught an integrated statistics and research design ‘research track’ program at GAU American University, Cyprus, building on foundational statistics courses I have taught at Cambridge University. These courses start with foundations of probability and the like, proceed to more advanced statistics and design methodologies, introducing students to SPSS, and culminating in a research dissertation and  public poster presentation.

This curriculum can be found at this link [click here]

Teaching Methodologies

  • Powerpoint & multi-media lecture presentations
  • In class experiments and demonstrations
  • Online dedicated webpages for each course
  • E-learning / Moodle
  • Active learning & regular class exercises
  • I have regularly taught 1,2 and 3 hour lectures.


Bilkent University, Brain & Behavior Class, 2009