Introduction To Working Memory Training

working memory model

Working memory is a core brain function underlying all higher cognition. There has been a lot of interest in the past decade about the potential to train working memory capacity to improve overall cognitive performance. In this article I provide an introduction to higher order cognitive skills (HOCS), their basis in working memory and the evidence for the effectiveness of different training methods for expanding working memory capacity.[br]


Games, Deep Games & Common Ground

"A game is a skill-based exercise of purposeful agents in a dynamically coupled, self-regulating (feedback control) environment, constrained by a distinctive set of procedures, rules, standards/norms and practices, where there is a valued resource or resources at stake, where there is uncertainty and risk, and where the objective of each agent is to attain a polarized disequilibrium or equilibrium of those resources – either cooperatively or competitively - through strategic decisions and actions (‘moves’).”
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